Ready to Borrow


The Ready to Borrow Scheme is now closed for applications

About the Scheme

The Ready to Borrow Scheme (previously the Small Scale Capital Grants scheme) provides capital grant funding to assist museums to borrow from national organisations, by helping them to upgrade exhibition spaces. The grants have been made available to museums as part of a £2.4 million programme of funding from Arts Council England (ACE) and supports their ten year strategic framework Great Art and Culture for Everyone by giving more people around the country the opportunity to learn from and enjoy cultural objects.

The fund aims to:

  • Increase the number of Accredited non-national museums able to take loans from National Museums or Major Partner Museums
  • Improve the longer term infrastructure and capacity to manage significant and strategic loans in the region

How to Apply

The minimum grant is £10,000 and the maximum award will be £25,000. Please note that the total available to the region is £25,000.  

Full details of how to apply to the scheme can be found in the Funding Guidance Notes and an application form is available to download here. Completed applications must be submitted no later than Thursday 8 March 2018, funds must be spent and capitalised by 31 March 2019.

Further information about the scheme can be found on the ACE website here.

Previous Recipients


  • Bailiffgate Museum
  • Berwick Museum and Art Gallery
  • Hartlepool Museums
  • Woodhorn Museum


Useful Resources

TEG Partnership Agreement Resource and Template

The TEG Partnership Agreement Resource and Template was produced as part of TEG’s Economics of Touring Exhibitions programme and provides step-by-step guidance to help you to develop your own agreement:

1. TEG Partnership Agreement Resource and Template
2. TEG Partnership Template (customisable Word document)

TEG Funding, grants and sponsorship resource

This resource (available here) outlines a range of public and private funding sources to support touring exhibitions.

ACE Security resources

A range of resources, relating to effective risk management and mitigation, are available on the Arts Council England website here.

Meeting security requirements:

Guidelines for the ‘Government Indemnity Scheme (GID) for non-national museums can be found on the ACE website here. Please see Annex D (Page 75) ‘General security conditions and environmental conditions that apply under the Government Indemnity Scheme’.

UKRG Facilities report

This Facilities Report was devised by the United Kingdom Registrars’ Group (UKRG) in consultation with the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council. The form enables lenders to assess the practicalities involved in making loans. It is intended to help both borrowers and lenders identify potential problems and reach an agreement on how these can be resolved.