Get Your House In Order - Audit *Fully Booked*

A refresher for museums wanting to tighten up their documentation, and a reminder of why this work is necessary.

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18 January 2024

Online via Zoom 10-12.00

Do you have the collections and information you think you have? This session will explore the Spectrum 5.1 Audit procedure - systematically checking the accuracy and completeness of the information you have about your collections.

At the most basic level, the procedure confirms that your records match the physical reality: you have all the objects you should have, correctly numbered and located where they are supposed to be. We will explore the difference between the Inventory and Audit procedures, discuss the benefits of undertaking regular audits and how you might approach this.

Important because – collections documentation handed over to a third party must match with the collections. The museum may have someone dealing with the process who doesn’t normally work with the collections, and it is the responsibility of the governing body to provide information to insolvency practitioners so they can deal with collections as best they can.