Engage + Digital


The aim of the Engage + Digital initiative was to support North East museums to develop a clear approach to digital engagement to enable them to share their assets and collections with their audiences and increase their online profiles in engaging new ways.

Digital Heritage consultants Claire Ross and Jane Audas were commissioned to lead on this work, providing expert advice and guidance to help museums organise their thinking about digital engagement and what it means for their organisations. Engage + Digital began in April 2014 and completed in March 2015.

The project specifically set out to:

  • Provide expert advice and guidance to support museums to take a strategic approach to digital engagement
  • Identify immediate and future opportunities to increase the number of people that digitally engage with the participating museums
  • Provide practical support that will increase digital capability
  • Improve access to collections
  • Establish monitoring tools to measure progress

The project delivered:

"The [...] digital strategy Engage + Digital provided has given us a nice easy framework for all staff to connect and feed in and some tools to continue benchmarking ourselves". Bede’s World.

Further information about the project’s methodology and its outcomes are detailed in the Final Report (available below).