Collections Care Advisory Network

Environmental Monitoring Systems

Here is some information about cloud based environmental monitoring systems. If your venue is looking to purchase environmental monitoring equipment to help with accreditation or to achieve government indemnity for loans then this equipment may be suitable. Click on the links below for more details.

Wifi Loggers

Wifi Industrial Cloud Data Loggers

Wifi Smart Plug

About CCAN

The Collections Care Advisory Network is a free service that offers a range of collections care advice, training and support for museums in North East England. CCAN is delivered by Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums (NPO), as the managing organisation of Museum Development North East.

CCAN offers the following support:

  • telephone and email helpline
  • advisory visits
  • advice and assistance on a range of subjects e.g.
  • undertaking Benchmarks in Collections Care
  • pest management
  • conservation planning
  • emergency preparedness
  • planning remedial conservation programmes
  • training
  • support for the Regional Emergency Response Resource
  • support to help meet requirements within Section 2 of the Accreditation standard

You can access this support by contacting: or

For an insight into the services CAN has offered previously, please see links below:

Our CCAN case study (which can be downloaded here) offers an overview of CAN support provided in 2012-15.

Regional Emergency Response Resource

What is it?

The Regional Emergency Response Resource (formerly known as the Regional Disaster Network) was formed to ensure that North East museums, in the event of an incident like a fire or flood, have access to coordinated emergency support. Part of this resource includes salvage equipment and materials which are free to borrow by any organisation that cares for collections (including archives and libraries). Training in salvage techniques is also provided by the Conservation Advisory Network (see above) to museum staff and volunteers.

How do I access the salvage materials and additional support?

There are three regional ‘dumps’ of salvage equipment, one at Woodhorn Museum, one at Berwick Museum & Art Gallery and the third at Beamish Museum, which are available for use in an emergency. Salvage materials are provided on the basis that any used items are replaced by the borrowing organisation.