Building Resilience: New and Tested Ways of Generating Income


'Building Resilience: New and Tested Ways of Generating Income' was an initiative that ran between October 2014 and March 2015, focussing on helping museums to build their skills and confidence in generating income from their children and young people services.

The programme, led by Hopkins Van Mil, offered specialist, tailored advice for museums wishing to strengthen their work in income generation using mentoring and capacity building as the principal methodology. Each museum was offered a grant of up to £1,500 to pilot a specific area, programme or product with which to generate income through children and young people’s programmes.

Participating museums included Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens and Woodhorn Museum. As a result of the work Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens researched and piloted a young membership scheme for 7-11 year olds named Wallace’s Warriors. Woodhorn Museum Trust planned for and launched a consultancy arm for its education service.

Both museums will use 2015-16 to embed their income generation activities in their museum’s overarching programmes. Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens will launch their Wallace’s Warriors’ young membership scheme with 7-11 year olds during the summer half-term. Woodhorn Museum Trust will use the next financial year to extend its network and ensure that potential consultancy arm clients are aware of the services they offer.

‘’I would recommend a mentoring approach to museum’s thinking about setting up a consultancy service. Going through the process of review with an external person and undertaking short, focussed activities to help think about your organisation is almost a training for what you will be doing with new customers. [We] learned as much from [HVM’s] communication skills and style of working as we did from the planning exercises. This would not have been as evident on a generic training course.” Woodhorn Museum.

Further information about the project can be found in the documents below.