Museum Accreditation - re-opening from April 2021

Museum Accreditation - re-opening from April 2021

The Museum Accreditation Scheme re-opens in April 2021.  Re-opening will follow a phased approach for applications and returns and all current Accreditation awards are extended for a further 12 months until April 2022.

Further information including FAQs is available on the Arts Council website.

New applications and museums Working Towards Accreditation

Museums Working Towards Accreditation and new applications can submit from April 2021, please register and submit your application via the Grantium Portal, help with registering on Grantium is here

Applications and returns submitted prior to the pausing of the scheme in 2020.

If your application or return was received by Arts Council England prior to the pausing of the scheme in March 2020 and is in the system awaiting assessment or a decision, the central Arts Council Accreditation team will contact the museum directly to advise on next steps.

Provisional reviews

If you have a provisional review in progress, Arts Council will contact the museum; you’ll be able to review, make any updates, and resubmit from April 2021 onwards.

Accreditation Returns

Although unconfirmed, Arts Council is anticipating re-opening the scheme for return submissions in October 2021. 

If you have worked on your Accreditation Return during lockdown and you are ready to complete the return, you should be able to submit from October 2021, using the Grantium portal.

A revised returns schedule will be issued in due course, providing museums with the usual six-month window invitation in which to submit.

Information and support

Please read the FAQS on the Arts Council website.  If you need additional support or advice please contact Heather Lomas, MDNE Accreditation Advisor  -

Accreditation Support

Accreditation advice and support for the North East region is provided by Heather Lomas, contracted by Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums (TWAM). Heather will support museums approaching an initial application and museums preparing for a regular compliance return. She will also have a role in delivering Accreditation workshops and coordination of the Accreditation Mentor scheme.

Accreditation support includes:

- provision of guidance to:

  • organisations wishing to complete an eligibility questionnaire;
  • new applicants and returning participants;
  • provisionally Accredited museums;
  • museums which may require a significant change review.

- advising museums regarding interpretation of the Standard to their size and scale.

- promotion, advocacy and signposting of opportunities to undertake the Accreditation Mentor role to relevant museum professionals and to facilitate conversations between potential Mentors and museums in seeking a Mentor.

You can contact Heather by email at


Arts Council England (ACE) - 

Further information about the Accreditation Scheme can be found on the Arts Council England (ACE) website here and you can download the new standard here.

Collections Trust - 

To help you meet the new standard, Collections Trust have updated their database of resources. These are available on their website here.

Training & Events

Accreditation workshops are added to our calendar regularly, please check our events page here for details of forthcoming training opportunities.